What is microblading?
Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup treatment where through the manual process of inserting pigment into the upper layers of the skin we create the desired fullness and shape of the eyebrow. Results look natural and gives the effect of natural eyebrow hairs on the skin.

What are the benefits of Microblading?
Microblading gives the appearance of full and even eyebrows
It can Camouflages scars and imperfections of the brow
It is sweat proof and waterproof
It is semi-permanent, allowing you to adjust your brow shape as you age.
Results can can last 12-36 months depending on your lifestyle, sun exposure, and skin type.

Does It Hurt?
Clients have related the sensation of the procedure to eyebrow threading, tweezing multiple hairs at once, or a light scratching of the skin.
Numbing gels are used prior and during the process to ease client discomfort.
It is highly recommended to avoid the treatment during menstrual cycles as the skin can be hypersensitive.

What is the Process?
1. Numbing cream is applied to ensure maximum comfort. During the 30 minutes of numbing the
client is required to fill out the necessary consent forms.
2. The area is measure and a stencil is drawn on the face to acquire the desired look and shape of the brow.
3. Once the ideal shape and colour are decided the microblading process begins.
4. The technician uses a microblading tool to penetrate the upper layers of the skin depositing pigment.
The technician creates hair like strokes to mimic the appearance of a natural brow hair within the designed brow shape.
5. Microblading generally takes a minimal of 2 sessions, however in some cases it may required multiple sessions to achieve the desired look.

What can I expect after the treatment?
Any redness is expected to be very minimal and should subside throughout the day. There is little to no visible swelling. As numbing wears off you may feel a slight discomfort which is best described as slight sunburn sensation. Immediately after the procedure the brows will appear crisp and dark as the pigment oxidizes. The brows will look darker for the first 3-5 days. After the healing process is underway lighter and softer strokes will be present. The colour will continue to soften for the next 6 weeks.