GENTLEMAN'S FACIAL:  60 minutes | $130   
Focus: Groom, nourish, protect
Men’s skin is often sensitive (shaving, harsh soap) so we gently cleanse, and exfoliate to remove dirt and older skin cells.  We then focus on balancing the skin and fighting signs of age by using a mix of natural and organic ingredients. Skin is detoxified with moisture locked in to battle the environmental stressors.
What to expect: A fresh and revitalized face.


THE SPORT MANICURE:  30 minutes  |  $30
Much like our basic mani this service offers all the elements to get you feeling your best. Enjoy nail and cuticle care, and luxurious sugar scrub exfoliation. No polish makes time for a longer arm and hand massage topped with an aromatic essential oil -infused hot towel and a restful shoulder massage.

THE SPORT PEDICURE:  45 minutes  |  $45
Take advantage and receive a longer pressure point massage when you choose a no-polish pedi. Coupled this with nail and cuticle care, heel work, a luxurious sugar scrub exfoliation to remove dead skin on the legs and feet,  an aromatic essential oil -infused hot towel and a restful shoulder massage.


Hair removal

EYEBROW GROOMING: 15 minutes  |  $20
We’ll tame your brows and help you maintain them through waxing, tweezing & trimming.

BACK WAX:  30 minutes  |  $40


LASER HAIR REMOVAL: 15-45 minutes

Nape of neck  |  $90 

Neck  |  $75

Shoulders  |  $160

Hands & Fingers  |  $60

Feet & Toes  |  $75

Chest  |  $265

Abdomen  |  $225

Half Back  |  $225

Full Back  |  $360